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Handmade Earrings To Make Her Smile

One of our key aims when making our handmade earrings is to make you smile.

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Why Is Smiling Important?

Smiling is important because it helps to create a friendly atmosphere and can make people feel more comfortable and relaxed. It's also a sign of happiness and positivity, which can help to spread good vibes to those around us. Smiling can also boost our own mood, as it releases endorphins that can help us to feel better in difficult times. 

But sometimes we just don't feel like smiling, or life is tough and we find it hard to smile. These are the times we need to work at it - not give up!

When I started making handmade earrings at the beginning of 2020, I was struggling with Postnatal Depression and I desperately needed to smile. Bring out some clay - bright and bold colours to make me smile, and itty bitty designs that are cute and addictive. polymer clay earringsI didn't start by wanting to create handmade earrings - I just wanted to escape from reality a bit! But as my hands got to work, and I found myself creating smaller and smaller pieces of art, it just came to me - this was my thing, and it made me smile! 

And that's what I aim to do for you all, now. I make cute designs, and only use bright colours. I try to have fun and share silly jokes. Because I know a secret that most of us forget. Smiles are addictive. Someone smiles at you, you'll probably smile back. 

Wear some silly handmade earrings! See how many people smile at you throughout your day - and feel yourself smile back! 

If you or someone you know is struggling with Postnatal Depression, contact Beyond Blue here, or PANDA here. There is no shame in asking for help - it's a very common experience!

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