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Needing Gifts for Friends in Australia?

Ok we hear you. You're on the other side of the world and you are needing some gifts for friends in Australia.

gifts for friends in australia

How do you know what to pick? It's a bit tricky to shop online at chain retailers - they aren't going to gift wrap, are they? It's all a bit impersonal! But how are you supposed to find the perfect gift when you're a million miles away? 

We have Gifts For Friends in Australia covered!

Shop the cutest handmade earrings Australia has to offer, of course! Hooked On You is the perfect place for gifts for friends in Australia.  Because we provide you a personal, wrapped gift that is unique and handmade - it couldn't actually get much more special!

gift box delivery perth

We are a range of online gifts Perth loves. Selling handmade polymer clay earrings, craft kits and jewellery organisers, we have gifts for everyone.

Aussies Are a Unique Bunch!

It's no secret that us Australians are a bit of a strange bunch. We are a bit quirky, a bit silly - we don't take life too seriously! Our earrings at Hooked On You are a perfect example! Whoever would think of wearing a dashcund dog dressed as a hotdog as an earring? Yup - us funny Australians! 

What About Gift Box Delivery?

Have you seen our brilliant gift bundle collection? We've taken some time to put together some awesome gift bundles which come with a jewellery organiser and one of our most popular styles of earrings (pick from Bubble O Bill, Bubble Tea, Tiny Teddies and Gummy Bears).

bubble o bill earrings Australia

This is the perfect all-round gift for any occasion. And what's better is that all of our gift bundles are priced at under $50! You can put together a wonderful handmade gift and have it delivered to you without breaking the bank! The perfect gifts for friends in Australia!

Best of all, we wrap everything up in a gift box, wrap it in ribbon and deliver Australia wide. So what could be easier? We will deliver a wrapped gift to your friend's door!

So no need to panic about gifts for friends in Australia, we have you totally covered!

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