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Polymer Clay Earrings Are so Popular - Why?

Polymer clay earrings have become increasingly popular due to their unique, creative designs and vibrant colours. No matter what your style and fashion get hooked earringsaesthetic, there will be a polymer clay earring that will help bring your outfit together. We have a huge range of over 200 designs - mostly silly fun earrings that will make anyone smile!

Why Are Polymer Clay Earrings So Good?

They are lightweight, affordable, and can be easily customised. This means you can make some serious statements with your fashion. Consider our mismatched earrings collection, for example - there are some statement earrings if ever we saw some!! Try out a little spaceship and moon, or a burger and fries. They're something you just don't see every day, and the flexibility of polymer clay as a medium makes it all possible!!

space earrings

Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Something people generally don't know about polymer clay is how lightweight it is. Even our larger dangles, like the macaws, are so super light that you can easily forget you're wearing them. Which is a huge deal when you don't enjoy the feel of a heavy weight earring. If you shop at a reputable polymer clay jewellers who use hypoallergenic surgical steel (like we do!), it means this jewellery is a low-risk gift for someone with sensitive skin! If you have personally struggled with sensitive skin, you'll know what a huge bonus this is!!

The versatility and durability of polymer clay make it a great option for creating unique jewellery pieces. Commercial grade clay comes in so many colours. It's easy to find a pair of earrings to suit any outfit. And if you're like us and enjoy quirky earrings and novelty gifts, polymer clay can literally be shaped into food earringsanything. Possibilities are endless!! 

We have a huge food earring collection which is absolutely wild - the earrings we have created that look like replicas of your favourite food are insane! It's easy to see why polymer clay earrings are popular when you consider the diversity of what can be made with this incredible medium!

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