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Where to get Clip On Earrings

When I'm at markets, one of the most frequent comments we hear is, "You sell clip on earrings!!". So many earring makers don't sell this style of earring. It's not just kids jewellery, so many adults wear them too, and we're proud to offer this option

kids jewellery

Sometimes people worry about how tight clip on earrings might be on the ears. We've done extensive tests with lots of different styles, and we pay a little more to provide genuine surgical steel findings (so perfect for little sensitive ears!), which aren't so tight that the'll hurt, and not so loose that they'll fall off. They are absolutely perfect and we know you'll love them!

Unicorn Earrings

Among the most popular of all of this type of earring is our unicorn collection,

unicorn earrings

which boasts so many different rainbow styles of unicorn earrings. It's actually difficult to choose a favourite! hese have special polymer clay backs to ensure the mains don't snap when you're adjusting your clip on earrings. We have thought of everything! 

clip on earrings

Can You Tell The Difference Between Clip On Earrings and Studs?

Some of our designs in clip on earrings vary slightly from their stud cousins. We usually try to make the designs a bit smaller, and often the  finding is hidden with a piece of polymer clay. This means they are wonderful kids jewellery. Little ears aren't overwhelmed with huge earrings. 

Adults who wear this style of earrings also love that they aren't obviously clip on earrings. There's no need for embarrassment (why people even are embarrassed in the first place eludes me!), no one will ever know that these aren't stud earrings! 

So if you're looking for the best childrens jewellery Australia has to offer, or some wonderful clip on earrings for adults, look no further! We have a huge range of designs in this style, just waiting for you. 

Do you wear clip on earrings? Leave us a comment with your favourite earring in this style! 

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