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I'm Starting A Handmade Business - How Do I Pick Postage?

We hope to make starting a small business a little bit simpler with our new series about starting a handmade business. Last time we were considering platforms for your website and social media presence, and this week we're looking at all things postage. Sendle Australia, Australia Post - there are so many options! Let's break it down!

Australia Post or Sendle Australia?

When it comes to choosing a postal service for your business in Australia, there are several great options to consider. Australia Post is one of the more popular choices. It offers competitive prices and provides excellent customer service. If you’re looking for an online-only service, Sendle Australia is an excellent option. They're usually a cheaper option (unless you're based in regional Australia or sending to regional Australia). And they collect your parcels from your door which saves a lot of time! They provide flat-rate shipping and offer excellent tracking services.
sendle australia

For international services, DHL Express and TNT Express both have excellent reputations. And for speed we would always recommend FedEx (although this comes with a decent price tag!)

Customers always have a preference on their shipping options. We find it best to offer a range of services and allow your customer to pick the option that suits them best. Sometimes a service that works well in your area isn't a great option in another city. We find customers appreciate some flexibility in their choices.

Should I Offer Free Postage?

 It ultimately depends on your business goals and budget. Offering free postage could be a great way to attract new customers or encourage more frequent purchases, but it could also be costly. Consider the potential cost of offering free postage and how it could affect your bottom line. Additionally, you may want to consider offering free postage on certain items or orders, rather than offering it on all orders. Sendle Australia does offer some discount if you are a shopify user too!

What Actually is Tracking? 

Postage tracking is a way of tracking the progress of a mailed item from sender to recipient. It is a service that is offered by many postal services. It allows senders to be able to track the progress of their package or letter as it moves through the postal network. This service is used to provide peace of mind that the item has been sent, as well as to check when it was delivered.

Most parcel services like Sendle Australia offer it as standard. But if you are sending a letter with a stamp it is unlikely going to be tracked. Keep note of any tracking numbers and be sure to forward them to your customers so they can watch where their parcel is too! 

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Whichever option you choose, be sure to compare prices, delivery times and customer service. Make sure you get the best deal for your business and your customers! 

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