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Discover YOUR Favourite Earrings!

Earrings are so fun as the perfect accessory for almost any occasion and can add a little dash of colour to a previously bland outfit! Trying to find the perfect pair of handmade earrings? Look no further! Hooked On You Australia has the perfect earrings for adults and children! 


Planning a little trip to the grocery store or out for coffee with a friend? Stud earrings are going to be your best friend! The perfect simple earring for everyday wear, studs are extremely versatile. Though simple and lightweight in design, these earrings can be dressed up or down with a variety of outfits. Especially ideal as children’s jewellery as well, these are the cute staple earrings you’re not going to want to miss adding to your collection.


A quirky way to show off a pair of cute earrings, clinging earrings are designed to “cling” to the back of the ear by a stud. It’s such a fun and adorable style of earring to add to a fun outfit. 






Drops & Dangles    

A step up from studs are drop earrings which add a little extra flair to even an outfit as simple as a plain tee and jeans. Fashioned to “drop” just below the earlobe, they have a pendant that hangs at the end of the ear attachment with little to no movement. Drop earrings are a good in-between choice when the style of an event or occasion is somewhere between casual and formal.    

Rather elegant, dangle earrings are a little different from drop earrings. Usually a little longer with more weight to them, their design allows the earring to stay in full swing away from the ear as much as possible. Large pendants are usually found on these earrings allowing you to wear them as a statement piece all on their own. You can find others wearing these types of quirky earrings for a girl’s night out, to a fancy banquet or gala, or some other elegant event. 


Don’t have your ears pierced yet? No worries, try clip-on earrings! The perfect solution for earrings that don’t require holes in the ear and leave no pain from usage. 

What’s awesome about this style is that you can find them in almost any style: studs, drop, etc. If you have a young child eager to start wearing earrings but doesn’t want the pain of piercings, start them off with clip-ons! They’re the perfect accessory.   

Whatever your earring preferences, Hooked On You is the perfect brand to provide you with the cutest pair of clay-style earrings in Australia! We have designs for everyone from animals like penguins to food items like tacos to special occasion earrings for Halloween and Christmas. Our earrings styles come several styles: 

  • Studs, the perfect staple for the day
  • Clinging, a unique design to showcase your favourite earrings  
  • Dangles, a longer style designed to swing from your earlobes 
  • Clip-ons, ideal for those who haven’t gotten their ears pierced yet

There’s never a lack of new pieces to wear! Try experimenting with different styles and designs and let us know which one is your favourite! 

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